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Terms & Conditions

All classes must be booked and paid for in advance

Refunds will not be given for:

* Failure to attend classes or to complete the course due to lack of commitment on the owner’s part.
* Cancellations requested later than 7 days in advance of the class starting.
* Dogs that are dog aggressive and/or dog/human aggressive. If you think that your dog is aggressive to other dogs and/or humans please contact us in advance of booking so he can be assessed. If you do not contact us in advance and you are asked to leave the class for this reason, there will be no refund made to you.

Any other requests for refund are at the discretion of the Trainer.

Conditions of attendance in class

* All dogs/puppies must remain on a lead at all times unless otherwise instructed by the trainer
* All accidents or injuries that occur during the class must be reported to the trainer immediately. Subsequent reports will not be entertained.
* The Control of Dogs Act 1986, Section 21 applies in our classes.
* We only use positive reinforcement and reward based methods in our classes. No choke chains, shock collars or any equipment that may cause pain to the dog are allowed in our classes.
* We recommend that all your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, including kennel cough, before attending classes

If at any stage you need to contact us please email